Sunday, May 21, 2017

GoTeach SPC Boot Camp Volunteering

DHL is volunteering for mentoring myHarapan event
it is myHarapan Social Project Challenge 2017
starting Jumaat 5pm sampai Ahad 3pm

Day 1:  

depa set up cafe DHL jadi gini untuk kanak2 nih
they all dari 10 buah sekolah seluruh negara
yang shortlisted untuk present  idea masing2

day 1 ni takde melibatkan mentor sangat
so akak cuma bantu2 depa buat game2 untuk bebudak nih
they all assign akak to Kolej Vokasional Muar..

Day 2: Brainstorm Idea masing..

so hari ni heavy day sungguh
letih dari kul 8:30 pagi sampai 9:30 malam dok projek tu
dengan games lagi, tapi bebudak tu enjoy n having fun..

ini problem from team akak
really great idea for teenagers

one of the games, selamatkan telur..

bersungguh2 they all nih

then demo kalau2 telur masing2 selamat
satu team aje berjaya ..

ini la team akak dari Kolej Vokasional Muar, bersama cikgu they all
memang terbaik anak2 nih semua, hebat2 orang nya
terdiri dari course bangunan dan elektrik
term2 dia akak pun tak faham uols

they all kena buat segala nih sendiri
akak eksen aje, tolong2 tengok aje  :)

belah petang they all di ajar muay thai sket
serammmm tengok, masing2 tunjuk handal la kannn

juga persembahan dari SMK Tamparuli
comel2 they all nihhhh

Day 3: Presentation Day

yeahhh my team turn number 5
they done really2 good team
i am so proud of them..

akak duduk dalam ni for the whole 10 presentation
nak tengok semua, bagus sungguh ye bebudak nihhh

itu nama ahli kumpulan dari KVMuar..

team dari SBPI Kubang Pasu, Kedah

Team dari SM Sains Kuching Utara, Sarawak

Team dari SMK Tamparuli, Sabah

dari SMK Seri Ampangan, N9

dari SMK (P) St. George, Penang

dari skolah SMA Al-Irshad, Pulau Pinang

walaupun kami tak menang, tapi i am really proud of them

so see you again next year okay..

minat pulak akak join program2 CSR nih laaaa
lepas2 ni pun akak akan join sentiasa..
rindu dah anak2 nih..

Friday, May 19, 2017

22 Awesome Social Enterprise Business Ideas

So how do social enterprises create double and triple bottom line profit?

  1. Cross-Compensation – One group of customers pays for the service. Profits from this group are used to subsidize the service for another, underserved group.
  2. Fee for Service – Beneficiaries pay directly for the good or services provided by the social enterprise.
  3. Employment and skills training – The core purpose is to provide living wages, skills development, and job training to the beneficiaries: the employees.
  4. Market Intermediary – The social enterprise acts as an intermediary, or distributor, to an expanded market.  The beneficiaries are the suppliers of the product and/or service that is being distributed to an international market.
  5. Market Connector – The social enterprise facilitates trade relationships between beneficiaries and new markets.
  6. Independent Support – The social enterprise delivers a product or service to an external market that is separate from the beneficiary and social impact generated. Funds are used to support social programs to the beneficiary.
  7. Cooperative – A for profit or nonprofit business that is owned by its members who also use its services, providing virtually any type of goods or services.

22 Awesome Social Enterprise Ideas!
1. Social Supermarket -  Create a food market that sells food to low income communities at a discounted price. Discounted food is donated (or purchased very cheaply) from food suppliers and other supermarkets, who cannot sell the food themselves for a variety of reasons such as approaching expiry dates, dented cans, and product mislabeling.
2. Used Textbooks for Social Change - Partner with student groups/clubs to collect used textbooks at the end of each semester. Students donate their used textbooks. Some of the textbooks are re-sold to students at the college/university of their collection source; some of the textbooks are donated to students in need at underserved universities in the developing world. The profits are split between the student groups/clubs, program administration costs, and any remaining funds are used to support social programs in developing communities.
3. Online Socially Conscious Marketplace - Help underserved artisans sell their products to the world by building a platform that makes it easy for them. Artisans can either manage their online store directly, or the platform can act merely as a listing service that connects the artisans face-to-face with buyers. Revenue is created by either charging listing fees directly to the artisan, via a commission on goods sold, or built-in as a premium fee to the buyer. Profit generated can be used to fund social services that directly affect the artisan communities.
4. Sustainable Water - Build small water purification stations in communities in developing countries using off-the-shelf products. Initial funds to build it can come from traditional charitable methods, or through debt/equity financing; the communities can be partial owners (or full owners, if using cooperative business model). Ongoing costs to maintain and staff the water station come from sale of purified water to its beneficiaries, but at near break-even levels, costing almost nothing for the beneficiaries.
5. Micro Lending - Create a platform for individuals and organizations to lend money directly to entrepreneurs who would otherwise not get funding, such as those in the developing world. Charge a small fee to cover the operational costs.
6. Social Crowdfunding - Build a platform for social entrepreneurs to find groups of funders. Similar to the Micro Lending platform, but lenders take a promise of something in the future in return for ‘donating’ a bit of money to the Social Entrepreneur’s project now. Charge a small fee to cover the operational costs of the platform.
7. Baking/Cooking for a Social Cause  - Open a bakery/restaurant or another food-providing establishment that focuses on building employment skills for underemployed groups, such as at-risk youth or former drug addicts. The profit from sales of food and beverage go to wages, training, and social betterment programs for the staff-beneficiaries.
8. Efficient Wood Stoves for Developing World - Millions of women in developing countries suffer from cardiopulmonary diseases as a direct result of breathing in wood smoke on a daily basis. Build a more efficient stove to solve this problem. Sell the stoves at or above market rate to those who can afford it, and use the money from the sale of the stoves to partly subsidize the cost for those who cannot afford it.
9. Innovative Information Product - Create a baby blanket with information about how to take care of a baby, such as when to immunize, how big a baby should be at a specific age, and how often to feed the baby. The regions where baby education is scarce are the same regions where income tends to be low. Therefore, these blankets could be given freely to new mothers in low income areas, while they could be sold to new mothers in wealthier areas. Proceeds from sales would fund blankets and education for new mothers in poor areas.
10. Micro Power Generation - Provide micro-electric solutions for remote applications in the developing world. Two ways you could do this are to create a stand-alone power system from used, rechargeable batteries to power classrooms. Or, you could create a mini power power plant that uses bio-mass produced by the humans, plants, and animals of an off-grid village. These types of systems are very cheap to build and implement, and can be paid for on a fee-for-usage basis. This idea might also lend itself well as a cooperative.
11. Socially Conscious Consumer Electronics - Build a new kind of consumer electronic device; one that is built with conflict-free materials, provides fair wages to the workers who build it, offers a fair and transparent price for the end consumer, and does not engage in unfair consumer practices (such as locking smartphones, or creating proprietary software/hardware interfaces).
12. Education Books on a Social Topic - Create a book or other educational publication, whose benefit is easily understood and salable. Learning about the topic of the social education book should benefit the reader, such as a recipe book that focuses on recipes that promote sustainable food culture. The proceeds from the book are used to support education initiatives along the same topic and to group who will have the most impact and benefit. In the case of sustainable food preparation practices, the target education group would be chefs.
13. Ultra-Modern Technology to Attract Economic Development - A small community normally doesn’t have much to offer a business, unless you make it a place that has the best business service in one area. For instance, you could create an internet service that is owned by the community and provides internet access at ten-times the bandwidth for the same price as those in another community would have to pay. The cost could be subsidised by the community, but it would attract high-tech businesses to locate in the community, fueling the local economy and benefiting everyone in it.
14. Beauty Products to Support a Social Mission - Partner with major beauty brands to sell their products as an online retailer. Convince them to provide their products to you at a favourable wholesale rate, and divert the profits to purchasing milk and baby bottles for distribution in the developing world.
15. A Virtual Factory of Computer Workers - Build an online community of computer workers, hired from underemployed communities. Train each of them to do one computer-related thing well (ie. writing functions in a particular programming language, translating code for a specific and common API, etc.) Combine dozens of them to complete a product, such as a website, for a client that would normally only require 1 or 2 people. Because each person is highly micro-specialized, the larger team forms as a virtual ‘assembly line’ to finish the project faster, cheaper, and with a higher quality standard than the traditional method of locally hiring or outsourcing a broad-range knowledge worker. Virtual assembly line workers enjoy employment with higher wages than they would normally receive doing menial work.
16. A marketplace for social good - Sell socially and ethically conscious products in a virtual or real environment. By purchasing these products from the producers, the social good flows-down the logistics chain to the beneficiaries, and consumers are able to find a bunch of the products they want in a convenient shopping format.
17. Exercise equipment for social outreach - Sell a piece of exercise equipment that is simple to use and affordable. Promote the equipment as an alternative to full gym access to those who can’t afford it. Use profits and product to subsidize outreach programs that promote healthy living, thus promoting healthy living to two underserved groups: direct customers and outreach participants.
18. Educational travel company - Start a company that brings together travellers with experiences that provide an intercultural learning experience and a positive social impact on a local community. Profits are recycled back into the communities they affect.
19. Food for Philanthropy - Create a food company that provides an already needed/wanted product and use the profits to support philanthropic work. The company is easily scalable and can focus on just one product line/charity, or can be easily scaled to provide multiple food products and support a variety of charities.
20. Social products and employment for the underserved - Source one or several social good products (clean cook stoves, affordable power solutions for the developing world), and hire an underemployed group to sell these products to their community on a commision basis. It’s both a distribution/marketing method, and a way to employ underemployed populations.
21. Water for everyone! - Create a home water filtration solution that you sell to the first world, and use the proceeds of these sales to provide the same (or similar) solution to the developing world. As a bonus, use environmentally friendly materials and processes in the creation of the product.
22. Micro-Giving for easy philanthropy - Partner with businesses and have them donate micro amounts of products/money to a social cause for every transaction they enter. For example, set up a relationship with a baker. And for every loaf of bread they sell, have them donate a handful of flour (or monetary equivalent) to a food-aid organization in the developing world.
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Thursday, May 18, 2017

30 Morning Routines That Can Make You Motivated and Productive for a Whole Day

pagi nih dapat motivation email pasal nih
meh kita check apa dia 30 routines tu..
tak dapat buat semua, buat satu dua pun jadi la kannnn

1. Wake up on time;  akak slalu wat nih, akak tido awal, so bangun pun awal  ;)

2. Open your curtains; ini biasa nihhhh

3. Make your bed; kemas2 katil siap2

4. Enjoy a refreshing shower; yep sebab tu akak suka beli shower gel n syampoo yang mahai2 sket..  suka enjoy2 lama2 dalam tu..    akak n anis sama jek perangai..   kalau ayah n adam, shower gel untuk seluruh badan..   kik3

5. Drink a freshly-blended smoothie; ni akak tak wat lah, nak cut sugar, walaupun dari buah2 tapi still ada sugar kan..   akak prefer to eat the juice, haaaa gittewwwww

6. Take a 10-minute walk in the morning sunshine; kami lepas sarapan kat rumah; sama2 naik moto gi opis, so kira morning sunshine gak eh..    sronok tau naik moto bedua, peluk rapat2 sket..   kik3

7. Check your to-do list; check calendar dulu, tgk apa program hari ni, apa nak kena wat nak kena beli..

8. Listen to some upbeat music;  ada beberapa lagu akak suka dengar, boleh refer posting sblom2 nih.

9. Complete a mini workout;  pepagi biasanya akak tak wat workout, tapi boleh cuba kan, squat pun jadi lahhh..  

10. Review your goals; ye kannn patut buat nihhhhh..    review #myWLjourney

11. Pack some healthy snacks to take to work; yang ni memang hari2 akak wat ye, pagi tadi potong oren..   jadi la kannnnn ada bekalan hari nih..    memula nak tapau putu mayam tapi tak sampai2 pulak abang tu..

12. Declutter part of your home; akak tak buat pepagi, tapi buat gak la kemas2 meja makan ke, buang segala kat atas tu..    tapi kalau part of home akak wat weekends uols..   siaplaaaa abis semua akak buang..

13. Meditate for 5 minutes; ini kita memang  buat tiap2 pagi subuh kan..  

14. Stretch your body; ye kannn kena wat slow2 nihhhhh

15. Read a motivational quote; so kita pun feel motivated ehhhh

16. Drink a glass of water; akak biasa wat gak nih, tiap2 pagi minum segelas air kosong, sblom mandi, bangun2 tido terus minum air kosong..

17. Create something; nak create apa tah..

18. Write down things you’re grateful for; kena cuba ni eh..   macam best aje.

19. Play with your pets; akak sempat gak gosong2 botak, sepet n cekta  :D

20. Listen to an inspiring podcast.

21. Plan your day; biasa akak plan makanan n workout aje..   kik3

22. Learn something new;   contoh nya a few words of a new language, a new guitar chord, or some facts related to your favorite basketball team.   hmmmm boleh cuba new language; menarik2..

23. Enjoy the quietness of the morning.

24. Think of a way to help someone later in the day; good idea nih, boleh cuba..

25. Go for a swim; yang ni tak dapek lahhhhh rumah takde pool katanya

26. Meet some friends for breakfast; pun tak dapek, akak bekfes sama encik afzan aje bedua kat rumah tiap2 hari  :)

27. Check yourself in the mirror; akak rajin buat gak nih..    senjak2 udah tukar saiz lagi rajin tengok diri sendiri..

28. Follow Steve Jobs’ advice; cuba tengok advise dia..    hebat Steve Jobs ni ye..

“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?”

29. Leave plenty of time for your commute; kannnnnn akak pun tak suka tergesa2 n merempit laju2 time nak ke opis tu..

30. Kiss your loved ones before you leave the house; yeahhhhh siom2 gitu..   kita biasa salam cium tangan kannn, ok dah tu  ;)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

selamat hari guru..

pakcik nihhhhh time2 nih laaaa semput nya
walaupun dah pakai inhaler masih tak baik nampak nya
so kena bawak gi amik nebs
besau dah pakcik nihhhhh, semoga sembuh la asma dia

lepas tu gi beli hadiah hari guru
adam punya idea gak nehhhh nak belikan coklat katanya

akak soh buang tanda harga dulu
baru bagi cekgu masing..
selamat hari guru!!

belah petang akak jalan ke tasik hari nih
lama tak jalan, sakit2 kaki dibuat nya

lepas ni nak start balik, jalan seminggu skali kat tasik nih

9 months progress

meh tengok progress weight loss akak selama 9 bulan ni ye..

nampak tak bulan2 terakhir tu dah susah nak turun dah
bulan pertama dan kedua aje berdezupppp turun nya
kekekeke takpe, akak tengah bertabah sekarang
akak hadap jugak2
teruskan aje rutin akak cam biasa

tengok bulan puasa nanti cemana kannnnn
boleh ni bolehhhhh
akak jamu boleh!!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

our sunday..

hari nih special sket
bawak abah gi makan2 kat kedai ayam kampung kat puchong
cam biasa, tak sempat amik2 gambau
dah licin baru teringat

lepas makan, afzan ajak abah gi one city
nak gi rooftop dia, saje jalan2 kannn
hari siang tak nampak bawah lansung kan
kena gi memalam gitu
padan siang2 buta nih takde orang naik pun atas tu
cuba gi memalam, penuhhhh

so amik2 gambar aje laaaa

cam biasa anis candid kan ibu n ayah nya

pandai kannnn anis amik angle2 yg bagi nampak ibu dia kurussss aje
akak sukaaaa bebeno gambar2 nehhhh

balik tu singgah Beryl's beli coklat2
pastu balik rumah n masa untuk tidoooo

abah pun tido kejap, memang time tido kannnnn

Saturday, May 13, 2017

lirik lagu Aisyah..

ini lagu kegemaran adam pulak
jiwang mamat sorang ni ehhh

tapi memang best pun adik nih cover lagu ni
meh layannnnn

la la la la la la lalaaa
i love u
la la la la la la lalaaa
i miss u
lalaa lalaa
kau jadi milikku

mula mula mula ku happy
tiba tiba dia sakitkan hatiku..
tak apalah terima kasihlah
jadi kekasih ku...

1 2 3 ku cintamu
kau hanya satu menjadi kekasihku
berjanjilah padaku sayangku
kau akan setia..

aishah jangan ragu-ragu dengan cinta ini
jangan kau ragu-ragu ku jadi kekasih mu
percaya padaku ku ,ku akan jadi yang
terbaik untuk cintamu..

aishah aku sayang kamu aku rindu kamu
tidur malam ku sentiasa
ku mimpi kan kamu
kau hanya milikku untuk selamanya
aku sayang aku rindu aku cintamu..

la la la la la la lalaaa
i love u
la la la la la la lalaaa
i miss u
lalaa lalaa
kau jadi milikku

mula mula mula ku happy
tiba tiba dia sakitkan hatiku..
tak apalah... terima kasihlah
jadi kekasih ku...

1 2 3 ku cintamu
kau hanya satu menjadi kekasihku
berjanjilah padaku sayangku
kau akan setia..

aishah jangan ragu-ragu dengan cinta ini
jangan kau ragu-ragu ku jadi kekasih mu
percaya padaku ku,ku akan jadi yang
terbaik untuk cintamu..

aishah aku sayang kamu aku rindu kamu
tidur malam ku sentiasa
ku mimpi kan kamu
kau hanya milikku untuk selamanya
aku sayang aku rindu aku cintamu..

la la la la la la lalaaa
i love u
la la la la la la lalaaa
i miss u
lalaa lalaa
kau jadi milikku

aku sayang aku rindu aku cintamu..

Thursday, May 11, 2017

kucing2 kami

hari ni nak upload gambar kucing2 kami lahhh
depa dah nak masuk 9 bulan dah
sama usia dengan akak nya weight loss journey
sebab masa akak start dgn journey tu, encik afzan pun bawak balik depa

nama takleh blah ehhh, padahal yg betina nya si botak
masa kecik2 tak kenai jantan ke betina nya

depa ni kebanyakan masa dok kat luar
nih nak amik gambau kena letak dlm cage kalau tak, depa tak dok diam

nampak, nak kena pegang gitu baru leh amik gambau nya
kalau tak memang tak senonoh gambar2 depa

ini gambar 8 bulan lepas
lepas mak kucing ni beranak, afzan terus bawak balik rumah
seminggu je mak dia nyusukan they all
lepas seminggu terus lari mak dia
gambar sebelah tu dengan afzan; ayah susuan depa kik3

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

PH; wesak day

uols cuti tak hari nih?
akak n anak2 semua cuti
encik afzan tak cuti ehhh
dia kan komited cuolssssss

kalau kami bertiga aje, memang melepak aje lah keje nya
melepak n makan n repeat!!

pagi tu gi sarapan kat mamak dengan ayah skali
pastu lunch depa ajak order domino's pizza

so online order aje, sonang..

pastu belah petang, lepak kat luar dgn anis n adam
adam gi main beskal dgn kawan2 dia
aku dok borak2, sambil tocangkan rambut minah nihhhh
dia dok main game aje keje nya tu

cantik rambut dia, sangat tebal tau n panjanggggg
lepas tu layan dia selfie lahhh, boomerang lahhhhh

nih petang sangat2 dah
sementara tunggu ayah balik..

Monday, May 8, 2017

Jampi - Hael Husaini

meh layan lagi neh pulakkkk
lagu2 si anis adam..

Bermula pandang pertama
Melihat kamu di depan mata
terasa debar di dada

menahan rasa bila kau ada

kau buat ku terpaku
sepertinya diri ku yang mau diri kamu

dan bila kau hadir bagai satu misteri
ternyata diriku bagai sudah di jampi
dan bila kau hambakan hatiku kembali
ternyata hanya kau harus aku cintai

terasa aku tak tentu arah

kau buat ku terpaku
sepertinya diriku yang mau diri kamu

dan bila kau hadir bagai satu misteri
ternyata diriku bagai sudah dijampi
dan bila kau hambakan hatiku kembali
ternyata hanya kau harus aku cintai

malam berganti malam
masih terbayang apa yang berlaku
pada diriku
ternyata kamu ternyata kau mau diriku
selama kau milikku

dan bila kau hadir bagai satu misteri
ternyata diriku bagai sudah di jampi
dan bila kau hambakan hatiku kembali
ternyata hanya kau harus aku cintai

dan bila...
ternyata aku cintai

Sunday, May 7, 2017

makan2 @ bagan lalang

dua minggu berturut2 makan kat bagan lalang
sabtu lepas gi dgn ateh n family dia

gegel pulak ateh amik gambau nya haaa

ini lauk2 yg kami order..

akak n encik afzan yang pilih2 seafood nya

ikan tiga rasa, sori akak tak kenai nama ikan
semua encik afzan yg pilih nya..   kik3

sotong goreng tepung

udang petai

ini ayam kunyit, special untuk anak ateh
dia tak minat seafood :D

ini dua orang winner nya, orang lain siap dah
depa berdua akan slow2 abis kan semua lauk2

sotong petai

ketam bercili

kerang bakar

ikan stim limau; adam suka yang nih

dannnnn malam ni gi skali lagi
kali nih dengan adik pulak
last week adek tak leh nak join
dia balik kampung..

abah mesti ikut, dia la penyelamat, habiskan segala lauk2

akak dengan wife adek..

tu adek ku dengan anak dia; Rania
habis gak lauk2 malam nih
lebih kurang aje dengan lauk hari tu