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Tips to be a Dean’s Lister.

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What is Dean’s List and 6 Key Benefits of Being A Dean’s Lister

6 Key Benefits of Being a Dean’s Lister:

1. A sense of personal achievement.
2. Increasing your employability factor.
3. Invitation to special events.
4. Exclusive access to top employers.
5. Being on the Dean Office’s radar.
6. Prestige and recognition.

How To Be a Dean’s Lister:

1. Aim to be the best - think on how to get the top results.

2. Plan your modules in advance - 

Take note of:

  • Who’s teaching What.
  • Course workload.
  • Who’s taking the Module. 
  • Lesson timings.
  • Exam dates. 
  • Plan your timetable well. 
  • Space exam dates apart (where possible).
  • Have modules that balance off one another. 
  • Pick modules with content synergy. 

3. Know what you are evaluated on (assessments)

  • Exams and tests – By far the most common component
  • Group project work – A staple in university, especially Business
  • Assignments – Tutorials or individual exercises
  • Lab work – If you study sciences
  • Presentation – Presentation skills and how well you handle Q&A
  • Participation in class – Your contribution to class discussions. It was the lecturers’ way of getting people to talk more. Asians tend not to speak up compared to Westerners.
  • Attendance – Rare.

4. Don’t hold back - all component yg di evaluate tu (exam, mid term, assignment ke) aim for the highest marks.

5. Learn the content immediately when it’s taught - understand all the benda2 baru in the class itself, tak faham tanya katanya.  penting nih, kat rumah kang kita tak de nak study2 dah kan..

6. Prepare for your tutorials - prepare sblom kelas la gitu.

7. Optimize your time - organised diri sendiri.

  • Don’t attend classes if they don’t add value.
  • Make use of pockets of time - travel time ke, lunch time ke, boleh curi2 study time ni.
  • Understand the content the first time its taught.
  • Maximize webcast lectures.
  • Do your tutorials during the same lectures.
  • Use study techniques to speed up learning.

8. Use study techniques to speed up learning

  • Speed reading
  • Mind maps. 
  • Pick the 80/20. 80% of the value in your book can be found in 20% of the content (usually the formulas, summary notes, definitions). 
  • Writing notes. 
  • Active learning through participation
  • Association - link similar idea, supaya mudah nak ingat.
  • Start with questions first - sblom study text book tu, tgk2 soalan2 nya dulu, jadi kita dpt idea what is the whole chapter is about.
  • Photo reading is a reading technique that helps you increase reading speed and value extraction. 

9. Speak up. Ask questions.

10. Leverage on your professors - tanya banyak2, email ke prof.  akak ada wat gak nih.  akak email depa mintak jawapan, tapi akak dah buat siap2 laaa.  cuma nak tau btol ke dak jawapan2 akak.

11. Get good project mates - penting nih.  akak ada beberapa kali dpt group mate yg sedih2.  suka wat keje last menet, sabau je laaaa.
(1) Attitude 
(2) Knowledge

12. Consult people who took the class before - tanya senior2, mintak notes2 ke atau slide2 dari depa.

13. Consistency pays off - Plan out your resources carefully and pace yourself.   penting gak ni kan, be consistence katanya.

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