Sunday, July 5, 2015

15 Ways to Overcome Smartphone Addiction

satu lagi petua best
15 Ways to Overcome Smartphone Addiction katanyaaaa..

meh kita tgk n coba!!

1. Turn off notifications - akak ada turn off beberapa notifications.
2. When you feel the urge to check your phone, close your eyes and take a deep breath.
3. Delete all the social media apps on your phone. - sanggup kah akak wat?  hmmmmm
4. Delete all the apps you don’t use. - yg nih kena tengok balik, mungkin banyak boleh delete ni..
5. Set specific boundaries for smartphone usage.
6. Mute your group chats. - banyak group chat akak dah mute
7. Archive your inactive chats.
8. Reply to text messages just three times a day. - skrg tak banyak sms dah
9. Turn off your phone before going to bed.
10. Use an actual alarm clock.
11. Before you start work, put your phone at least 10 feet away from you.
12. Use apps to track and restrict your smartphone usage.
13. Wear a watch so you don’t need to check your phone for the time. - tak kose nya nak wear watch
14. Tell others about your decision and enlist their help.
15. Lock your phone with an annoyingly long password.

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