Friday, June 12, 2015

Kindness Challenge Day..

bagus baca benda2 nih
i just like it soooo much
when i do it with my kids they love it too

antara yg kami buat
beli coklat2 (kitkat, roti, snickers)
sengaja lalu kat lorong2 tunai
and give it to the toll gate girls, or boys
ada yang terkejut, yang senyum meleret
kekadang ada yg terkedu pun ada
buat muka pelik..  kik3 comel!!

kekadang bagi pakgad2 kat rumah n opis kami kuih2 ke,
nasik lemak ke, roti canai ke, kekadang kek pun kami bagi..  
kekekeke sharing is caring katanya

so meh kita tengok apa lagi yang kita boleh buat
untuk semua orang and let them be happy tooooooo

Day 1: Give a Hug to Everyone You See!
Day 2: Give Up Your Seat To Someone
Day 3: Write 3 Thank-You Notes to 3 People You Appreciate
Day 4: Sign Up For Volunteer Work (On Top of Whatever You Have Been Doing)
Day 5: Give a Genuine Compliment to at Least 3 People
Day 6: Talk to Someone You Don’t Normally Talk To
Day 7: Make a Donation
Day 8: Pick Up Litter
Day 9: Write a Letter to Someone Who Has Made a Difference in Your Life
Day 10: Send Flowers to Someone
Day 11: Be Kind to Someone You Dislike
Day 12: Forgive Someone
Day 13: Give Someone a Treat
Day 14: Doing Something Unexpectedly Nice

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